Manchester City vs Lyon

Manchester City vs Lyon Live Reddit Stream Online, TV Telecast, Worldwide Kick Off Time

August 12, 2020

The most exciting match of the Champions League is on cards. Manchester City takes on Lyon on 15th August. The winner will seal its position into semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League. It’s the 4th quarter-finals of the Champions League. The match is worth watching as both teams are considered as the contenders for the UEFA CL title. No true football fan would miss this match. So are you excited for Manchester City vs Lyon Live Stream? Check out the details on how and where to watch Man City vs Lyon Live TV Telecast.

Tournament UEFA Champions League
Match Manchester City vs Lyon
Date 15th August 2020 (16th August in India)
Time 12:30 AM IST
Venue Estadio da Luz
Live Stream Click Here

Manchester City vs Lyon Live Stream Online

If you wish to catch the thrilling action of the Manchester City vs Lyon Champions League QF 15th August on an internet device, such as a desktop computer, laptop or even your smartphone, then there are multiple choices of popular online content streaming channels to choose from.

Fubo TV

FuboTV is one of the content streaming service providers with a growing worldwide subscriber list. The streaming service is known for being extremely sport-centric and offers a vast choice of popular sporting events to its millions of subscribers round-the-clock.

FuboTV is extremely useful to watch UEFA Champions League 2020 live stream on top Smart TVs, including Apple TV 4k, 4th-Gen Apple TV, streaming sticks, Roku streaming boxes, Amazon Fire TVs, Google Chromecast devices, Playstation Vue, iPhones, iPads and Android phones for a base subscription of only $55 per month.


Hulu is another top choice as a content streaming service provider for millions of users all over the world. Hulu TV is considered to be one of the fastest and cheapest ways to catch popular TV shows and movies on internet-enabled devices, such as Smart TVs, smartphones, iPhones and computers.

Football fans with Hulu subscription can catch the thrilling action of the Manchester City vs Lyon live stream online with a basic Hulu subscription plan for only $11.99 per month.

Sling TV

Sling TV is also one of the world’s fastest-growing online content streaming services today. Tens of thousands of sports and movie lovers have Sling TV subscriptions for the incredible choices of content that the live stream service provider offers.

If you are want to watch the Manchester City vs Lyon live stream online with this channel, then you can simply get the basic $25 per month subscription plan.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the top live streaming services across the globe. The popular online content repository’s live streaming service has become incredibly popular and has millions of subscribers. YouTube TV offers sports, news, entertainment and a large variety of on-demand movies and TV shows to its subscribers. YouTube TV subscribers have access to over 70 popular channels from around the world.

Football fans can easily watch the action live with Manchester City vs Lyon CL Quarter-Final live streaming on this channel with the basic $49.99 per month subscription.

Manchester City vs Lyon

Manchester City vs Lyon

How to Watch Manchester City vs Lyon Live Stream From Anywhere in the World

Football fans are found worldwide. The thrilling action of the gridiron sports is equally exciting to many sports lovers across the world. Hence, there will be millions of football fans who will want to know how to watch the Manchester City vs Lyon live stream from any part of the world.

Although football fans within the US can catch the Lyon vs Man City live stream with streaming services, such as YouTube TV, Sling TV and Hulu, this is not the case for football fans outside the US who do not have access to these US-restricted live stream services.

However, there is a simple solution to this too.

If you wish to watch Manchester City vs Lyon Live Match Today outside the US you can simply buy a subscription for a VPN tool. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) software is a multi-purpose online tool that protects user data as well as allows access to geo-restricted online content easily.

Check out the top ways to watch Manchester City vs Lyon live stream outside the US using VPN software:


ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN tools worldwide. Using ExpressVPN, millions of users are able to browse, chat and shop online without the fear of losing their personal and private data to strangers. It is packed with incredible features, including the ability to connect users with one of its thousands of servers that are placed at strategic locations in over 100 countries across the globe so that users can access geo-restricted content for live streaming easily. ExpressVPN is compatible for use with all popular internet-enabled devices, including Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and laptops, as well as with Android and iOS powered mobiles (smartphones) and devices (tablet phones) and is an excellent cord-cutter solution to watch an incredible array of movies, TV shows, documentaries and sporting events live over the internet.

If you are a football fan and want to watch Man City vs Lyon live stream online from outside the USA, then it is highly recommended to get yourself started with ExpressVPN by buying any one of its three monthly subscription plans.

  1. Get ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a server located in the U.S.
  3. Head to CBS All Access (6 USD/month and up) or visit YouTube TV (65 USD/month), fuboTV (60 USD/month), or Hulu (55 USD/month) and use a free trial.
  4. Start watching!


PureVPN is another incredibly popular VPN service provider. PureVPN is renowned for its excellent data-encryption abilities and the vast global network of proxy servers that are spread across many small and large countries all over the world. Apart from providing basic data encryption, IP masking and other services, PureVPN is also excellent to watch geo-restricted content and live stream events from anywhere across the world. PureVPN is also known for offering VPN services at the lowest subscription rates.

If you wish to catch the exciting action of the tournament and watch Manchester City vs Lyon live stream from outside the US on your internet devices, then it is highly advised to buy a budgeted monthly subscription plan now.

You can watch UEFA Champions League matches live with PureVPN. Here is how:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN and install the app on your device
  2. Connect to any Indian server
  3. Go to SonyLiv website and watch UEFA Champions League for Free in HD.

Get Live Manchester City vs Lyon Champions League Quarter Finals Score Updates

There are several top sporting websites that provide users with live score updates for major games. These websites allow the users to simply select the tournament they wish to follow from the drop-down list on the home page. Once you select the tournament, you will get instant score updates in real-time for Manchester City vs Lyon too.


Lyon vs Manchester City Live Reddit Streams, SoccerStreams, Soccer Reddit Streams

The above mentioned are all legit and legal streaming options. But all the above-mentioned streaming options cost you few dollars. There are millions of football fans who are looking for free streams. In today’s world, nothing is free. If you are lucky and find a free stream, we would like to warn that it might be risky as its illegal to stream such matches. The official broadcasters usually file copyright strikes against such sites. So you might have streaming issues. But still if you wish to go by free method, here we will share you how you can enjoy Manchester City vs Lyon Free live stream.

The answer is Reddit!

You all might have heard about Reddit. It is a popular online community platform. One can get various streams on Reddit. To watch Manchester City vs Lyon Live Reddit Stream, follow the steps mentioned below.


    1. Log-in / Create a Reddit account
    2. Look for Soccer Reddit Streams in Reddit or Google
    3. Select the appropriate sub-Reddit
    4. Click on the relevant matches and links
    5. Choose the ad-free link
    6. Live stream the Manchester City vs Lyon Live Reddit Stream completely free of charge.

[Man City vs Lyon 15th August 2020] UEFA CL Quarter-Finals Worldwide Kick-off Times

We are into the final few matches of the Champions League. Not just a few fans in Europe follow the UCL matches but the whole world looks forward to them. So here we are sharing the kick-off time according to the different locations The kick-off time in every country would be different and to end the confusion, we are sharing the Manchester City vs Lyon Worldwide Kick-off Time here.

Afghanistan, Kabul Sat 23:30
Algeria, Algiers Sat 20:00
Argentina, Buenos Aires Sat 16:00
Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra * Sun 06:00
Australia, New South Wales, Sydney * Sun 06:00
Australia, Northern Territory, Darwin Sun 04:30
Australia, Queensland, Brisbane Sun 05:00
Australia, South Australia, Adelaide * Sun 05:30
Australia, Victoria, Melbourne * Sun 06:00
Australia, Western Australia, Perth Sun 03:00
Austria, Vienna, Vienna Sat 20:00
Bahamas, Nassau Sat 14:00
Bangladesh, Dhaka Sun 01:00
Belarus, Minsk Sat 22:00
Belgium, Brussels, Brussels Sat 20:00
Bolivia, La Paz Sat 15:00
Brazil, Distrito Federal, Brasilia Sat 16:00
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro Sat 16:00
Brazil, São Paulo, São Paulo Sat 16:00
Bulgaria, Sofia Sat 21:00
Canada, Alberta, Calgary Sat 12:00
Canada, Alberta, Edmonton Sat 12:00
Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Sat 11:00
Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg Sat 13:00
Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s Sat 15:30
Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax Sat 15:00
Canada, Ontario, Ottawa Sat 14:00
Canada, Ontario, Toronto Sat 14:00
Canada, Quebec, Montréal Sat 14:00
Chile, Santiago * Sat 16:00
China, Beijing Municipality, Beijing Sun 03:00
China, Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Sun 03:00
Colombia, Bogota Sat 14:00
Congo Dem. Rep., Kinshasa Sat 20:00
Croatia, Zagreb Sat 20:00
Cuba, Havana Sat 14:00
Czechia, Prague Sat 20:00
Denmark, Copenhagen Sat 20:00
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo Sat 15:00
Egypt, Cairo Sat 21:00
El Salvador, San Salvador Sat 13:00
Estonia, Tallinn Sat 21:00
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Sat 22:00
Fiji, Suva * Sun 08:00
Finland, Helsinki Sat 21:00
France, Île-de-France, Paris Sat 20:00
Germany, Berlin, Berlin Sat 20:00
Germany, Hesse, Frankfurt Sat 20:00
Ghana, Accra Sat 19:00
Greece, Athens Sat 21:00
Guatemala, Guatemala City Sat 13:00
Honduras, Tegucigalpa Sat 13:00
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Sun 03:00
Hungary, Budapest Sat 20:00
Iceland, Reykjavik Sat 19:00
India, Delhi, New Delhi Sun 00:30
India, Karnataka, Bangalore Sun 00:30
India, Maharashtra, Mumbai Sun 00:30
India, West Bengal, Kolkata Sun 00:30
Indonesia, Jakarta Special Capital Region, Jakarta Sun 02:00
Iran, Tehran Sat 22:30
Iraq, Baghdad Sat 22:00
Ireland, Dublin Sat 19:00
Israel, Jerusalem Sat 21:00
Italy, Rome Sat 20:00
Jamaica, Kingston Sat 14:00
Japan, Tokyo Sun 04:00
Jordan, Amman Sat 21:00
Kazakhstan, Almaty Sun 01:00
Kenya, Nairobi Sat 22:00
Kiribati, Christmas Island, Kiritimati Sun 09:00
Kuwait, Kuwait City Sat 22:00
Lebanon, Beirut Sat 21:00
Madagascar, Antananarivo Sat 22:00
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Sun 03:00
Mexico, Ciudad de México, Mexico City Sat 13:00
Morocco, Casablanca * Sat 20:00
Myanmar, Yangon Sun 01:30
Nepal, Kathmandu Sun 00:45
Netherlands, Amsterdam Sat 20:00
New Zealand, Auckland * Sun 08:00
Nicaragua, Managua Sat 13:00
Nigeria, Lagos Sat 20:00
Norway, Oslo Sat 20:00
Pakistan, Islamabad Sun 00:00
Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi Sun 00:00
Pakistan, Lahore Sun 00:00
Paraguay, Asuncion * Sat 16:00
Peru, Lima, Lima Sat 14:00
Philippines, Manila Sun 03:00
Poland, Warsaw Sat 20:00
Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon Sat 19:00
Puerto Rico, San Juan Sat 15:00
Qatar, Doha Sat 22:00
Romania, Bucharest Sat 21:00
Russia, Anadyr Sun 07:00
Russia, Moscow Sat 22:00
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Sat 22:00
Serbia, Belgrade Sat 20:00
Singapore, Singapore Sun 03:00
South ASunca, Cape Town Sat 21:00
South ASunca, Johannesburg Sat 21:00
South Korea, Seoul Sun 04:00
Spain, Barcelona, Barcelona Sat 20:00
Spain, Madrid Sat 20:00
Sudan, Khartoum Sat 21:00
SSaten, Stockholm Sat 20:00
Switzerland, Zurich, Zürich Sat 20:00
Taiwan, Taipei Sun 03:00
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam Sat 22:00
Thailand, Bangkok Sun 02:00
Turkey, Ankara Sat 22:00
Turkey, Istanbul Sat 22:00
Ukraine, Kyiv Sat 21:00
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai Sat 23:00
United Kingdom, England, London Sat 19:00
Uruguay, Montevideo Sat 16:00
USA, Alaska, Anchorage Sat 10:00
USA, Arizona, Phoenix Sat 12:00
USA, California, Los Angeles Sat 11:00
USA, California, San Francisco Sat 11:00
USA, Colorado, Denver Sat 12:00
USA, District of Columbia, Washington DC Sat 14:00
USA, Florida, Miami Sat 14:00
USA, Georgia, Atlanta Sat 14:00
USA, Hawaii, Honolulu Sat 09:00
USA, Illinois, Chicago Sat 13:00
USA, Indiana, Indianapolis Sat 14:00
USA, Louisiana, New Orleans Sat 13:00
USA, Massachusetts, Boston Sat 14:00
USA, Michigan, Detroit Sat 14:00
USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis Sat 13:00
USA, Nevada, Las Vegas Sat 11:00
USA, New York, New York Sat 14:00
USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Sat 14:00
USA, Texas, Dallas Sat 13:00
USA, Texas, Houston Sat 13:00
USA, Utah, Salt Lake City Sat 12:00
USA, Washington, Seattle Sat 11:00
Uzbekistan, Tashkent Sun 00:00
Venezuela, Caracas Sat 15:00
Vietnam, Hanoi Sun 02:00
Zimbabwe, Harare Sat 21:00